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Running Biomechanics Assessment


This evaluation is temporarily suspended to prioritize the research that is taking place in the laboratory.

We offer running biomechanics assessment to the public. If you come for a running biomechanics assessment in our Lab you will get:

  • Full 3-D running biomechanics report including joint kinematics (angles), joint moments, joint powers, ground reaction forces and temporal-spatial gait parameters. See a sample report here.
  • C-motion output (cmo) file where the user can visualize the animation, video and gait report of your running biomechanics assessment. Download and install the CMO viewer software here. Unfortunately, it works only in Windows platform.

A complete description of this service is given here (only in Portuguese).

Example of the 3D animation of running:


Example of report of the running biomechanics assessment:

[sz-drive-embed type=”pdf” id=”0BxbW72zV7WmUVXl4MTRlM1VGdTg” width=”auto” height=”auto” /]

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