The BMClab has state-of-the-art equipment and infrastructure for the investigation of human movement.

Laboratory Facilities

The Laboratory of Biomechanics and Motor Control occupies a space with 180 m2 at UFABC where we have a 120 m2 room for data collection with our motion capture system, force plates, etc. and three other rooms: one for data analysis with several computers (30 m2), another for subject preparation and evaluation (15 m2), and the third room for a small machine and electronics assembly shop (15 m2).

View of the BMClab room for movement analysis.

View of the BMClab room for movement analysis.


Motion capture

Force measurement

Muscle activity measurement (electromyography)

  • Wireless EMG system with 10 sensors, software and accessories (Trigno Lab, Delsys). Manual.
  • Portable mobile system with data logging and different transducers, software and accessories (EMG, EEG, acceleration, foot switch, load cell) (Trigno Mobile, Delsys). Manual.

Other instruments


Software, manuals and related stuff for the BMClab equipment

Financial support

The construction of the laboratory and purchase of its equipment was made possible by the financial support from the Federal University of ABC and from Brazilian research agencies, CNPq and FAPESP.