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Marcos Duarte

PhD, Professor
Email: marcos.duarte ufabc.edu.br
Tel.: +55 11 2320-6435
Biomechanics and Motor Control Laboratory
Biomedical Engineering
Federal University of ABC, Brazil
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Research overview

  • My main areas of research are in the interface between Biomechanics and Motor Control of human movement, particularly about human posture control and locomotion. Basically, Biomechanics studies the structure and function of biological systems using the knowledge and methods of the Mechanics, and Motor Control studies how the biological systems control their movements. In a broad sense, I am interested to know how living beings control and execute their movements. Through this knowledge, I hope to help to improve the motor performance of special populations, such as elderly, patients, and athletes.

Selected Publications (complete list)

  • Duarte M, Okuno E (2012) Física do futebol: mecânica. Editora Oficina de Textos. Link.
  • Orselli MIV, Duarte M (2011) Joint forces and torques when walking in shallow water. Journal of Biomechanics, 44, 1170-1175. PubMed, PDF.
  • Duarte M, Freitas SM (2005) Speed-accuracy trade-off in voluntary postural movements. Motor Control, 9, 180-196. PubMed, PDF.
  • Freitas SM, Wieczorek SA, Marchetti PH, Duarte M (2005) Age-related changes in human postural control of prolonged standing. Gait & Posture, 22, 322-330. PubMed, PDF.
  • Duarte M, Zatsiorsky VM (2001) Long-range correlations in human standing. Physics Letters A, 283, 124-128. ScienceDirect, PDF.

Academic Background